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You can find all the images I post on this blog in the following sets, which feature many non-Kerouac related photos as well:

– Lowell, MA, October 2010

– North-East US Train Rides

– Boston, MA and Cambridge, MA, October 2010

– Omaha,NE, October 2010

– Denver, CO, October 2010

– San Francisco to Denver on the California Zephyr

– San Francisco,CA, October 2010

A very useful site with lots of information, especially on the less well-known people from Kerouac’s life and mentioned in his books, run by Dave Moore, The Kerouac Companion:

Jack Kerouac group on Facebook:

The Beat Museum, SF:

The Pawtucketville Social Club:

2 Responses to “Links”
  1. Flo Hendrickson Bourner says:

    My Uncle recently passed away and told me about his drinking days when he bumped into Jack in Northport. I have an email from my Uncle before he passed. Told me about a book of Jacks which has now led me to this site.

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