Latino novelist finds real woman behind iconic Jack Kerouac’s “Mexican girl”

A little bit off the actual theme of the blog but I found this very informative and interesting. Want to read that book soon.

NBC Latino

Poet, novelist, and performance artist Tim Z. Hernandez is receiving critical acclaim for Mañana Means Heaven, a novel based on the life of Bea Franco, the “Mexican Girl” in the American Beatnik generation classic, “On the Road.”  The iconic writer Jack Kerouac has a chapter about the time he spent in a relationship with a Chicana farm worker, who was fleeing an abusive husband and who had left her two children behind.  Kerouac called her Terry, the Mexican girl, but it was Bea Franco.

TimHeadshotERESIZED Author Tim Z. Hernandez

Hernandez’ book, which he describes as 70 percent truth and 30 percent fiction, documents Franco’s illicit affair with the aspiring young writer during the 1940s in the California Great Central Valley.  Hernandez spent time with Bea and her family, listening to her story, before she passed away earlier this year.

Hernandez, who has received the 2006 American Book Award…

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