Lowell To Boston Train Journey

These shots were all taken on a journey from Jack Kerouac’s hometown Lowell to Boston and at and around Boston’s South Station. The train from Lowell to Boston actually stops at Boston’s North Station, but to travel onwards to New York, as I did, you have to transfer to South Station, but I am not … Continue reading

Central Street Station, Lowell

The former Central Street Station on Central and Green Streets which was the train station in Kerouac’s times, the present day train station is located in another part of the city nowadays

Lowell City Hall

… ‘what’s that immemorious word you told me on the Square, not on the Square, right in front of City Hall, the other night,… (‘Maggie Cassidy’ p. 10 Penguin Classics edition)

Lowell Canals and Mills

…, past the canals, the mills, the eternity millstacks rising high in the all-open-blue-sky,… (‘Maggie Cassidy’)


One of Kerouac’s  former drinking dens in his later Lowell years (1964-1968), at that time it was called Nick’s and was run by his brother-in-law. Gorham Street, Back Central, Lowell,MA