‘Anywhere Road’ update 01.28.13: Trinidad, CO; Raton, NM

As I promised in my last post here’s an update on the progress of my book ‘Anywhere Road’. The first copy I uploaded and ordered from the Blurb.com website arrived a week ago – unfortunately I couldn’t really be satisfied with the way it looked so I can’t make it available for you to order. … Continue reading

The Loop, Chicago

Kerouac describes wandering around the Loop and checking out Bop music which was played with a ‘tired air’ in On The Road (Original Scroll). Not much activity closely related to this was detectable to me on the few hours I spent there, but here are some impressions from The Loop:

Update 01.07.13: ‘Anywhere Road’ is finished.

Just a little update today to let you know that I (at long last!) finished my book ‘Anywhere Road – Retracing Jack Kerouac’ earlier today. Finally. I am currently in the process of uploading it to the Blurb website and will order a copy each of both the Soft- and Hardcover versions. Once I received … Continue reading