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Latino novelist finds real woman behind iconic Jack Kerouac’s “Mexican girl”

Originally posted on NBC Latino:
Poet, novelist, and performance artist Tim Z. Hernandez is receiving critical acclaim for Mañana Means Heaven, a novel based on the life of Bea Franco, the “Mexican Girl” in the American Beatnik generation classic, “On the Road.”  The iconic writer Jack Kerouac has a chapter about the time he spent…

October In The Railroad Earth

Both the album and the opening song of Tom Russell’s new (and fabulous) album are called October In The Railroad Earth, named of course after Kerouac’s fine and much-loved poem. The lyrics of the song add nothing really new to the Kerouac canon, but it serves very well indeed as a celebration of and homage … Continue reading

Jack Kerouac’s apartment in Berkeley

Jack Kerouac lived in a house where the large apartment building now stands (left side of road) for a short time (with his mum of course) in 1957. University Of California, Berkeley is just up the hill. Thanks for enabling me to know about and finding this spot to Bill Morgan, author of ‘The Beat … Continue reading

The First Critique Kerouac Read of “On the Road” on This Day in 1957

Originally posted on Stephanie Nikolopoulos:
After years on the road, multiple drafts, and arguments over edits, Jack Kerouac at last saw the publication of the book that would put him on the map –?On the Road?— on this day, September 5, in 1957.?He and his girlfriend, Joyce Johnson, who would become an author in her…

John J Dorfner on Kerouac’s introduction into the Rocky Mount Hall of Fame on Empty Mirror Books

I found this interesting interview with John J Dorfner over on Empty Mirror Books earlier today. I don’t know when that article was published but I have missed it so far. I recently bought Visions Of Rocky Mount from John, but haven’t had the chance to read it yet. But I have had his earlier … Continue reading

10 Books of Beat Generation Letters

Originally posted on Stephanie Nikolopoulos:
The other day I wrote about viewing Neal Cassady’s infamous “lost” Joan Anderson letter at Christie’s Auction House.. Letters are a great way to get to know and understand the writers of the Beat Generation. The novelists and poets were prodigious letter writers. Here are ten books of collected letters by the…

Friday Links::: Beat Generation News

Originally posted on Stephanie Nikolopoulos:
PHOTOGRAPH BY RICHARD AVEDON / “WILLIAM BURROUGHS, NEW YORK, JULY 9, 1975”/© THE RICHARD AVEDON FOUNDATION via The New Yorker Happy Friday! Here are a few Beat Generation-related links for your weekend reading::: “Drive, He Wrote: What the Beats Were About” (The New Yorker) “The Outlaw: The Extraordinary Life of William…

Jack Kerouac Playlist

Originally posted on JACK KEROUAC:
I have researched and created an enormous playlist of songs referenced by Jack Kerouac in his novels, letters, journals, diaries and interviews. Click The Jack Kerouac Playlist to subscribe. ? ? ?

I recently came across a rather interesting website, concerned with Kerouac’s more poetic work. Many other interesting poets on there as well,  sadly no Allen Ginsberg (yet, here’s hoping). A whole different spin on Kerouac’s work than mine, but I found it to be very worthwhile. Check it out here: http://mypoeticside.com/poets/jack-kerouac-poems

Happy Birthday Allen Ginsberg

One day late, I know, but this is probably my favorite Allen Ginsberg poem/song. I’m close to tears whenever I listen to this. Sad, but yet it’s also very comforting and beautiful in his quirky way. I also like this photograph a whole lot. R.I.P. Allen Ginsberg