The Jack Kerouac Birthplace

Back of 6, Lupine Road

Lupine Rd, Lowell, MA

Looking northwest, towards Dracut Looking southeast, towards Centralville Tree opposite the house Jack Kerouac was born in Entrance to Lupine Rd. from Fred St.

Entering Lowell / Entering Dracut

Kerouac’s home turf in the first few years of his life when the family lived in Centralville, the house he was born in on Lupine Rd is just a few streets away from where these photographs were taken.

Bridge Street, Lowell

Jack Kerouac’s dad Leo did run a print shop on Bridge Street in the 1930’s. When the 1936 flood hit Lowell and flooded parts of the city the shops was badly damaged and Leo Kerouac had to give it up. These photos were taken coming from downtown Lowell and crossing the bridge in the direction … Continue reading