Truckee, California

‘Home in old Medora, home in old Truckee…’

‘… up the mountain and home in Truckee, just like Lowell, gingerbread houses and five foot snow…’ (Visions Of Cody, p144)

5 Responses to “Truckee, California”
  1. JHaeske says:

    Thanks Stephanie, yes it’s a most charming little town in a magnificent setting. I only rode through on a train, but would love to check it out properly too.

  2. Ann Zoebel says:

    The Truckee Hotel, was once called the Riverside Hotel and owned by Edith Izabell Rowe-Fay. Mrs. Fay died in 1954. Mr Peter Fay, her 1st. husband had died in 1919. They had one child, who grew up living in the Hotels. After Mr Peter Fay’s death, Edith purchased her first rooming house. Later she also pruchased an existing Hotel named the Riverside, which burned Dec. 1933. Edith purchased the Blum Hotel after the Riverside Hotel burned to the ground and renamed it the Riverside II. She sold the Riverside II Hotel in the late 1940’s. She and her significant other Leo Warren Mitchell lived together for 32 years. Mitch worked for the Railroad and helped Edith Manage the Hotels. Edith and Mitch moved into a house in Truckee after she sold the Riverside II Hotel . Mitch became ill and died in 1951. In 1954 Edith married a Mr. Turner and she purchased a house in Roseville, Calif. She died 6 months after her marriage to Mr. Fred Turner. Edith Rowe-Fay-Turner is my husbands grandmother. From Birth until the age of 4 he also lived in Truckee. After that he would visit his grandmother at the Riverside Hotel each summer untill she sold it. In 1999 we visited Truckee and the Hotel. At that time the owners had decorated it as it would have been in earlier days. It was good to see the photograph on your site, as we did not know if it was still standing and in business.
    Ann Zoebel

    • J Haeske says:

      Thanks Ann, this is fascinating to kno

    • J Haeske says:

      Thanks Ann, this is very interesting to know. I’m glad it’s still standing and going strong (I hope). Didn’t stay in there so I only took the photo when the California Zephyr stopped to let off passenger ant take knew ones aboard. Thanks again, it’s so good to know I’m reaching people with my project I never would have got in touch with otherwise. J

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