Samuel S Cox Statue /Tompkins Square

The statue of Samuel S Cox can be seen in the background of the photo Allen Ginsberg took of Jack Kerouac that graces the cover of Allen Ginsberg’s highly recommended photography book ‘Beat Memories – The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg’ (DelMonico Books/Prestel).

Tompkins Square is featured in Kerouac’s ‘The Subterraneans’ (disguised as a park in San Francisco)

East Village, New York

One Response to “Samuel S Cox Statue /Tompkins Square”
  1. I have the photograph of Kerouac with this statue hanging in my office! I never really thought about what or where the statue was, though, other than that it was very New York City.

    A few years ago some friends I volunteered in Tompkins Square to paint all the railings. It was so much fun and a great way to give back to the city!

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