Following The Dharma Bums to Matterhorn Peak (Pt.3)

Those of you following my blog in the past will remember that The Dharma Bums always has been a special book for me among Jack Kerouac’s books, it certainly is one of my favourites. I described my half-hearted and unsuccessful attempts to re-create their climb up Matterhorn Peak before in these two posts on this … Continue reading

Ogresome Castles

‘… and not only that, the blue sea behind the crashing high waves is full of huge black rocks rising like ogresome castles dripping wet slime, a billion years of woe right there, the moogrus big chunk of it right there with its sleverous lips of foam at the base – so that you emerge … Continue reading

Bixby Canyon

Path leading from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s cabin in Bixby Canyon (Raton Canyon in Kerouac’s novel Big Sur) to the Pacific Ocean. I am unaware of the exact location of the cabin in the canyon – but there is only one path leading out to the sea.

Allen Ginsberg residence at 1624 Milvia Street

I am sure I don’t have to introduce Allen Ginsberg on this blog. He lived here in the fall of 1955. According to the plaque at the poetry garden on the other side of the street Kerouac live in a ‘rose-covered cottage’ (Kerouac’s words) but as far as I am aware the cottage actually stood … Continue reading

Memory Babe : A Critical Biography of Jack Kerouac

I’ve been reading Memory Babe for the past few weeks and having finally finished it earlier today I have to say that I disagree somewhat with the numerous positive reviews and things other people have said about the book. Those reviews were, if you haven’t read any, mainly downright enthusiastic. The books subtitle is ‘a … Continue reading

Latino novelist finds real woman behind iconic Jack Kerouac’s “Mexican girl”

A little bit off the actual theme of the blog but I found this very informative and interesting. Want to read that book soon.

October In The Railroad Earth

Both the album and the opening song of Tom Russell’s new (and fabulous) album are called October In The Railroad Earth, named of course after Kerouac’s fine and much-loved poem. The lyrics of the song add nothing really new to the Kerouac canon, but it serves very well indeed as a celebration of and homage … Continue reading

Jack Kerouac’s apartment in Berkeley

Jack Kerouac lived in a house where the large apartment building now stands (left side of road) for a short time (with his mum of course) in 1957. University Of California, Berkeley is just up the hill. Thanks for enabling me to know about and finding this spot to Bill Morgan, author of ‘The Beat … Continue reading

The First Critique Kerouac Read of “On the Road” on This Day in 1957

Originally posted on Stephanie Nikolopoulos:
After years on the road, multiple drafts, and arguments over edits, Jack Kerouac at last saw the publication of the book that would put him on the map –?On the Road?— on this day, September 5, in 1957.?He and his girlfriend, Joyce Johnson, who would become an author in her…

John J Dorfner on Kerouac’s introduction into the Rocky Mount Hall of Fame on Empty Mirror Books

I found this interesting interview with John J Dorfner over on Empty Mirror Books earlier today. I don’t know when that article was published but I have missed it so far. I recently bought Visions Of Rocky Mount from John, but haven’t had the chance to read it yet. But I have had his earlier … Continue reading