Bixby Canyon

Path leading from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s cabin in Bixby Canyon (Raton Canyon in Kerouac’s novel Big Sur) to the Pacific Ocean. I am unaware of the exact location of the cabin in the canyon – but there is only one path leading out to the sea.

Boott Mills & Canal

Open homeroom window in Lowell, rose morn and birds upon the Boott Mill Canal… (‘Maggie Cassidy’ p. 50 Penguin Classics Edition)

Jack Kerouac, The Mill Worker

Bootts Mills, Lowell, MA ‘Books, shmooks, this sickness has got me wishing if I can ever get out of this I’ll gladly become a mill worker and shut my big mouth’ Big Sur, Chapter 37 I always liked this sentence, as it shows that Kerouac often managed not to take himself too seriously, and display … Continue reading

One Fast Move Or I’m Gone (Pt.2)

The Vesuvio Cafe, North Beach, San Francisco (next to the City Lights Bookstore). As the schedule on my trip didn’t permit me to go down to Bixby Canyon I chose to use this photo to accompany the post. For an overview of the project see pt.1 of my post here: The first few minutes … Continue reading

On The Road – The Original Scroll – Bea

I have just been reading the part in On The Road where Jack Kerouac meets Bea in Bakersfield and has a few intense weeks with her and her extended family. It’s not an easy time, he feels head over heels in love with her, and as she is Mexican, and therefore one of the people … Continue reading