Broadway Tunnel and Alfred’s Restaurant, San Francisco

This photo shows the Broadway Tunnel in North Beach/Russian Hill, San Francisco. Kerouac wrote about it in ‘The Subterraneans’, which was set in SF and not in New York, where the events told actually took place as well as other book(s). The yellow building in the center of the photograph shows the house in which Alfred’s, a rather posh restaurant was housed. A memorable dinner Kerouac had there with his former classmate Henri Cru and Cru’s father,  is described in ‘On The Road’

Here’s another shot of that house (the one in the middle with the worker on top)

886 Broadway, North Beach, San Francisco

2 Responses to “Broadway Tunnel and Alfred’s Restaurant, San Francisco”
  1. Michelle Broadbent says:

    Before it was Alfred’s, it was my family’s grocery store. The Morosi Brothers owned the store with different partners over the years.

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