I eat sandwiches (now down to bread and boiled eggs) in Omaha doorway

… facing Missouri River Street down by warehouses… (Visions Of Cody)

This photo was taken in the Old Market area in Omaha, Nebraska which is, from what I can say based on my limited knowledge of the city, the focus of life with lots of bars, restaurants, shops etc. which you find rarely in the downtown area. It’s surrounded, especially towards the south and the old Union Station, which now houses a museum (but that fact is a whole different story), with old warehouses and other industrial architecture.

Just a random example I chose out of all the warehouse/industrial architecture shots I took in Omaha, I think it captures the fading atmosphere of these buildings perfectly – you can still (fortunately) see a lot of them around in Omaha (and numerous other cities) but the vast majority don’t fulfill their previous function anymore. The next photo shows what happens to most of them…

Sad somehow, but I am actually glad for each one that not gets demolished and replaced with some bland office or residential building.

2 Responses to “I eat sandwiches (now down to bread and boiled eggs) in Omaha doorway”
  1. I like the faint lettering on the side of the building. It reminds me of the way you can see the lettering on the old warehouse across from the train station in Lowell, Mass.

  2. JHaeske says:

    Thanks, Stephanie, do you mean that building?
    Hood's Tooth Powder

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