Around Columbia University

Hamilton Hall. When Allen Ginsberg lived in Hamilton Halls, Kerouac visited him one night and stayed overnight. That fact and a ‘Fuck The Jews’ scribbled in dirt on Ginsberg’s window lead to his being suspended from Columbia. Kerouac’s professor Mark Van Doren also had an office in this building.

John Jay Hall. Kerouac’s football coach at Columbia University had an office in here. It also housed a bar/grill room called ‘The Lion’s Den’ in which Kerouac used to go for steaks.

Butler Library

Amsterdam Avenue. Kerouac describes ‘ his drear room overlooking Amsterdam Avenue’ in Vanity of Dulouz.

St. Paul’s Chapel. Kerouac mentions walking past St. Paul’s Chapel in Vanity of Dulouz.

One Response to “Around Columbia University”
  1. Columbia was founded as an Anglican institution. I believe St. Paul’s is now an interfaith worship center. At the time, did it offer Catholic services? I know in “Offbeat,” David Amram describes going into churches with Kerouac. Was there a church near Columbia that Kerouac went to?

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