The Year of Evil Decadence

419 W. 115th Street, Morningside Heights, New York. Kerouac and his then-wife Edie Parker moved into Cragsmoor Apartments in December 1944 in which Joan Vollmer Adams already lived. Allen Ginsberg moved in here too (March 1945) and shared a room with Hal Chase. The time Kerouac spent in the Cragsmoor Apartments was described by him as ‘a year of evil decadence’ in ‘Vanity if Dulouz’

(Facts borrowed from Bill Morgan’s ‘The Beat Generation in New York)

3 Responses to “The Year of Evil Decadence”
  1. ‘Vanity of Duluoz’ is one of a few on the list to complete my reading of the Kerouac oeuvre. ‘a year of evil decadence’ sounds intriguing although I suspect Kerouac maybe had more than one!

    • JHaeske says:

      Yeah, it’s good, the writing style takes a bit of geeting used to though, it’s quite different.
      I believe I have yet to read ‘Tristessa’, but I’m stuck in Vol. 2 of his ‘Selected Letters’ at the moment.

  2. Where is this apartment located?

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