North Clark Street, Chicago

In a letter to Allen Ginsberg in August 1954 Kerouac writes about New World Writing buying his ‘Jazz Excerpts’ in which he describes his ‘digging of … Anita O’Days (sic) nightclub on North Clark St. in Chi’ with Neal Cassady. I tried to locate the exact address of that nightclub to no avail, and as North Clark Street is a very long street I have got no way of knowing if the part of North Clark Street shown in the following photos is indeed the one the club was located on.



A little brick back-alley off North Clark Street – much to Kerouac’s liking I should think.





2 Responses to “North Clark Street, Chicago”
  1. I love the brick-alley … timelessly evocative, espcially the seemingly sepia monotone of the picture

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