‘Anywhere Road’ update 01.28.13: Trinidad, CO; Raton, NM

As I promised in my last post here’s an update on the progress of my book ‘Anywhere Road’. The first copy I uploaded and ordered from the Blurb.com website arrived a week ago – unfortunately I couldn’t really be satisfied with the way it looked so I can’t make it available for you to order. As it turned out the image I had chosen for the front cover didn’t really work that well and is now printed in the book. I also did make a few other alterations – so I hope to have a much better looking version now – I still won’t make it available for ordering though until I have received a copy of the new version and see the changes actually work as well as I hope they do.

I also recently stumbled upon Kerouac’s description of a journey with Neal Cassady in ‘On The Road (Original Scroll version)’ I had previously overlooked – and as luck would have it, I went through some of the towns (Trinidad in Colorado and Raton in New Mexico) mentioned in it on my last holiday onboard the Southwest Chief train last November which I would like to share with you.



Raton, NM

Raton, NM

Raton, NM


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