I recently came across a rather interesting website, concerned with Kerouac’s more poetic work. Many other interesting poets on there as well,  sadly no Allen Ginsberg (yet, here’s hoping). A whole different spin on Kerouac’s work than mine, but I found it to be very worthwhile.

Check it out here:


5 Responses to “Jack Kerouac Poems (website)”
  1. Beat Company says:

    Thanks !!! Bookmarked that. I suppose you know Paul Maher ?!

    • Jay Haeske says:

      Yes, I sure do. He’s co-edited ‘Burning Furiously Beautiful’ – have you read it?

      • Beat Company says:

        Nope. Thanks. I am currently into his “JK’s American Journey”. I am in contact with Paul and will do a post on my blog at some point about the “Kerouac Places” in Lowell that he documented …

      • Beat Company says:

        ‘Burning Furiously Beautiful’ is actually is on the shelf – yet on the reading list. My collection is overtaxing my limited time right now. There’s so much to explore yet. And Stephanie Nikolopoulos seems to not be interested in a contact so far …

      • Jay Haeske says:

        Really? I always found her to be very helpful and enthusiastic. They even thank my project in their book, which made me quite proud. I understand how you feel about your reading list, same here…

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