Horace Mann School/ Van Cortlandt Park

Approach to Horace Mann School Sports field at Horace Mann School Tillinghast Hall at Horace Mann School 242St /Van Cortlandt Park Subway station Van Cortlandt Park Van Cortlandt Park Van Cortlandt Park Jack Kerouac went to Horace Mann School in The Bronx from 1939-1940. While there he was living with relatives in Brooklyn which meant … Continue reading

Views from Ozone Park

Rockaway Blvd. Subway station, the nearest subway stop to 133-01 Cross Bay Blvd. in Ozone Park, Jack Kerouac’s home from 1943-1948 133rd Ave The rose-coloured house in the background is the one Kerouac lived in Nativity-Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Rockaway Blvd. A few shots to show the area in which Kerouac lived in the mid- … Continue reading

133-01 Cross Bay Blvd

The house the Kerouac family lived in from 1943 – 1948. Jack Kerouac’s Dad Leo died in this flat and Kerouac’s first published novel ‘The Town And The City’  in which he dealt with it, was also mainly written here. Queens, New York

Minetta Tavern, Greenwich Village

  A popular hangout of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Lucien Carr and William S. Burroughs as early as the beginning of the 1940’s. 113 MacDougal Street, Greenwich Village, New York

Bklyn Bridge

‘… an all the wild adventures together on Bklyn Bridge,  Columbia, Frisco, Mexico, etc. and elsewhere later, but all that bombed-out literature we started (bombed-out-of-mind)…’  Jack Kerouac in a letter to Allen Ginsberg June 19, 1963 (Jack Kerouac Selected Letters 1957-1969, ed. by Ann Charters)

81 2nd Ave, New York

Jack Kerouac met Dody Muller, an artist who at that time lived in this building at 81 2nd Ave in the East Village, at a party in October 1958.  He wrote to Allen Ginsberg on October 28, 1958 ‘As for new  chick (new, NEW, I had no old chick) Henri says because she Indian and … Continue reading

Samuel S Cox Statue /Tompkins Square

The statue of Samuel S Cox can be seen in the background of the photo Allen Ginsberg took of Jack Kerouac that graces the cover of Allen Ginsberg’s highly recommended photography book ‘Beat Memories – The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg’ (DelMonico Books/Prestel). Tompkins Square is featured in Kerouac’s ‘The Subterraneans’ (disguised as a park in … Continue reading

206 E 7th Street, New York

206 E 7th Street, East Village, New York Allen Ginsberg lived in this house in 1952/’53. I included it in my project as my favourite Kerouac photo of him standing on the fire escape with his Southern Pacific handbook sticking out of the pocket of his jacket was taken here.

307 W 11th Street

Kerouac’s girlfriend in 1956/1957 Helen Weaver, author of ‘The Awakener’ lived here when he returned from Mexico with Allen Ginsberg and the Orlovsky brothers Peter and Lafcadio and all of them yelled at the 3rd floor window where she lived with a friend (see ‘Desolation Angels’). (Facts by Bill Morgan’s book ‘The Beat Generation in … Continue reading

White Horse Tavern

Perhaps most famous as the bar in which Dylan Thomas drank the night he died, Kerouac hung out in the White Horse Tavern a lot while he was living with Helen Weaver nearby. Apparently it was here that Kerouac found a scribbled ‘Kerouac Go Home!’ on a toilet cubicle wall (see ‘Desolation Angels’ and ‘Jack … Continue reading