Submarine Signal Building

West End, Boston, MA.

I am not sure which function exactly this building served in its time, but given the name ‘Submarine Signal Building’ I had to think about Kerouac going to Greenland on the SS Dorchester in 1942 and his fear of being hit by a Torpedo fired from a German submarine (as described in ‘Vanity Of Dulouz’), when I saw it.



7 Responses to “Submarine Signal Building”
  1. Where in the West End is this?

  2. JHaeske says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie. it’s close to North Station, next to Charles River Basin. Not 100% sure, but it’s either on the corner Beverly Street or North Washington/Charlestown Bridge (I think it was the latter). Anyway next to Charles River. If you check on Google Maps, it’s marked with ‘Equal Exchange Cafe’.

  3. Carol Rymes says:

    My father-in-law worked for Submarine Signal. I am interested in anything having to do with the building, and with the company.

    • Manuel Madden says:

      My Grand Father was president of a Submarine Signal Richard Madden the developer of sonar.

      • Carol Rymes says:

        I am so happy to hear from you. My Father-In-Law was William Henry Rymes. His older cousin Christopher
        “Barney” Rymes was the first one to work for SS.

        “Bill” Rymes started at SS as a janitor probably about 1931 or so. He was born in 1913.

        I have been in the building once.

        I would love to talk to you.

        Carol Rymes

    • Manuel Madden says:

      My grand father was president of submarine signal during the second world war.

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