Lowell To Boston Train Journey

These shots were all taken on a journey from Jack Kerouac’s hometown Lowell to Boston and at and around Boston’s South Station. The train from Lowell to Boston actually stops at Boston’s North Station, but to travel onwards to New York, as I did, you have to transfer to South Station, but I am not … Continue reading

The 11:10 am to Lowell

North Station, Boston, MA Waiting for the train to take me to Lowell, Jack Kerouac’s birth town, and I was suitably excited.

Submarine Signal Building

West End, Boston, MA. I am not sure which function exactly this building served in its time, but given the name ‘Submarine Signal Building’ I had to think about Kerouac going to Greenland on the SS Dorchester in 1942 and his fear of being hit by a Torpedo fired from a German submarine (as described … Continue reading

So we sailed south from Nova Scotia and to my surprise, instead of hitting Boston Harbor…

… we suddenly woke up one morning and saw, in the fog, the good old Statue Of Liberty (Vanity Of Dulouz, p. 141 Paladin 1990 edition) Boston Harbor Statue Of Liberty from Staten Island Ferry Here’s another photo from streets in the vicinity of Boston Harbor, I can picture Kerouac strolling along here quite nicely

… when I lay in the grass of Boston Common…

… thinking of death…’ (Visions Of Cody p.132 Flamingo Modern Classic edition)