Entering Lowell / Entering Dracut

Kerouac’s home turf in the first few years of his life when the family lived in Centralville, the house he was born in on Lupine Rd is just a few streets away from where these photographs were taken.

2 Responses to “Entering Lowell / Entering Dracut”
  1. I know Dracut is next door to Lowell. What is the correlation between Dracut and Kerouac? Did he spend time there?

    • JHaeske says:

      My knowledge of the area is rather limited, so I could be wrong, but as far as I’m aware he never lived there or anything, but as it’s literally only a few hundred yards from Lupine Rd. (where he was born and lived the first few years of his life) only divided by woods and such, he was probably playing there with his friends and things like that. Also, if I remember correctly he had friends who lived on the ‘Dracut’ side.

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