Around Columbia University

Hamilton Hall. When Allen Ginsberg lived in Hamilton Halls, Kerouac visited him one night and stayed overnight. That fact and a ‘Fuck The Jews’ scribbled in dirt on Ginsberg’s window lead to his being suspended from Columbia. Kerouac’s professor Mark Van Doren also had an office in this building. John Jay Hall. Kerouac’s football coach … Continue reading


Hartley Hall at Columbia University

Kerouac moved into Hartley Hall in 1940 but didn’t like it and moved to another dorm hall next door (photos to come soon in my next post)

The Beat Generation Cloudcast

This post is a bit of a detour from the photographic theme of this blog. I have been meaning to put this mix together for months now, and decided to finish it as details about the soundtrack to the upcoming ‘On The Road’ movie release are slowly starting to emerge. Due to the fact that … Continue reading

Low Memorial Library and Fountain at Columbia University

Kerouac frequented the Low Memorial Library, quite unsurprisingly, a lot during his two stints at the Columbia University. The fountain can also be seen in a much publicised photograph of him and Lucien Carr.