94-21 134th Street, Queens

The first photo shows the home of Jack Kerouac and his mother Gabrielle in Richmond Hill. They, or rather she, with him staying with her whenever he was in New York and needed some time to relax and write,  lived in this house from August 1949 to sometime in 1955 (with a short time she spent with Jack’s sister Nin in North Carolina). Books such as Maggie Cassidy, The Subterraneans and Doctor Sax were written during that time.

The other photos show some of the surrounding streets. The last shot was taken at Jamaica station in honour of Jack’s love for Bop/Jazz.

3 Responses to “94-21 134th Street, Queens”
  1. I’ve been asked to read about Kerouac’s time in Richmond Hill from my upcoming book, Burning Furiously Beautiful, coauthored with Paul Maher Jr., on August 12 at 5pm at The Sidewalk Cafe in New York: http://stephanienikolopoulos.com/appearances/

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