7 Judy Ann Court, Northport, NY

In late 1962 Kerouac decided to move to Northport once again as he felt ‘silly’ when he lived too far from New York. He and his mum moved into this house on Christmas Eve of 1962. They stayed here until early summer of 1964, when, mainly due to his mum’s wish to be closer to his sister Nin who lived in Orlando,FL, they bought a house in nearby St. Petersburg.

That is it – the last new (photo) post on Retracing Jack Kerouac. For the moment I should add, as I consider my project ongoing and plan on doing a few more trips in future, possibly starting in Spring 2013. Until then I’ll only be posting new stuff in relation to the publication of my book ‘Anywhere Road’ which I will (hopefully) be finishing in the next few weeks/months. A big thank you to everybody that found her/his way to my blog, ‘liked’ or even left comments on one of my posts (you know who you are).


2 Responses to “7 Judy Ann Court, Northport, NY”
  1. david faure says:

    Cool idea. Keep it alive

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