7 Judy Ann Court, Northport, NY

In late 1962 Kerouac decided to move to Northport once again as he felt ‘silly’ when he lived too far from New York. He and his mum moved into this house on Christmas Eve of 1962. They stayed here until early summer of 1964, when, mainly due to his mum’s wish to be closer to … Continue reading

49 Earl Avenue, Northport, NY

Jack lived in this house with his mum from August 1959 to April 1961 when they moved to Florida.

Gunther’s Tap Room

One of Kerouac’s watering holes when he was living with his mum in Northport. Main Street, Northport, NY For more information see: http://www.longislandpress.com/2012/03/01/jack-kerouac-the-long-island-years/  

34 Gilbert Street, Northport

The first 3 photos show the house Jack and his mum lived in from April 1958. Typical of him, the enthusiasm he felt after moving to Northport didn’t last very long and he thought about selling the house and moving to Florida as early as October of that year. As these plans didn’t materialise they … Continue reading

Northport, NY

Northport’s oldest house, built in 1761 Main Street, now imagine that in Kerouac’s time without those modern cars Northport Harbor The images in this post were chosen to invoke a stroll through Northport as Kerouac must have done countless times in the years he spent living there. Really makes me wonder how he and especially … Continue reading