Jack Kerouac, The Mill Worker

Bootts Mills, Lowell, MA

‘Books, shmooks, this sickness has got me wishing if I can ever get out of this I’ll gladly become a mill worker and shut my big mouth’ Big Sur, Chapter 37

I always liked this sentence, as it shows that Kerouac often managed not to take himself too seriously, and display a bit of black humour (often directed towards himself), which is often overlooked when discussing his person and work

2 Responses to “Jack Kerouac, The Mill Worker”
  1. I’m so intrigued by the mills of Lowell. At this year’s Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival there will be a connection to the textile mills:

    A “Watermelon Man” Bridge Observance followed by a River Walk.
    We will honor the Soldiers from the Lowell Textile Institute who lost their lives in World War II and for whom the Bridge was renamed.
    Meet at the top of the Moody Street Feeder and the University Avenue/Moody Street/Textile Memorial Bridge.
    Led by Mike Wurm.

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