Sometimes Way out of town, say miles out on East Colfax, Cody, waiting for a bus, or a ride …

The above quote is taken from page 109 of ‘Visions Of Cody’ (Flamingo Modern Classic Edition), but East Colfax Avenue is mentioned quite a few times throughout the book. I had a little walk on East Colfax Avenue and found it not especially nice, but I can see the appeal to Kerouac with its myriad of shops, restaurants and all kinds of other businesses –  it’s a very long road, so I couldn’t say which part exactly he was thinking about when he wrote about it. Anyway, here’s the view out east.

The following photo is the view towards downtown, of which Kerouac wrote ‘… would see the distant rush of downtown neons and be so impatient to get there at once…’ as the quote from the title continues.

Here are a few more sights I encountered on East Colfax Avenue


3 Responses to “Sometimes Way out of town, say miles out on East Colfax, Cody, waiting for a bus, or a ride …”
  1. I love the signage. It feels so retro.

  2. Daniel says:

    A late comment perhaps, but the rise of the car lead to the redevelopment of Colfax Avenue in the 1950s. If Kerouac is talking about anytime much before that, most of the buildings were mansions, re-purposed into multi-tenant housing, apartments, motels, and the like. The houses were build during boom of the gold and silver trade through Denver, and abandoned to such reuse by the silver panic and the bust it brought. As for a long road? Colfax stretches out near-on 50 miles, out into towns like Strasburg, a small town that acts as the service anchor for local farms 20 miles east of Denver. Back when Visions of Cody was written, it was part of US 40, THE major east-west route, and had bus-stops all along it for anyone going anywhere.

    • Jay Haeske says:

      Thanks Daniel for the background info on that. I had of course imagined that it looked different and served other purposes but not quite the what and how. Cheers and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Have you seen the house Kerouac bought in Denver (can’t remember the exact address at the moment). I plan to check that out one day.

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