Jack Kerouac : The Town And The City

Jack Kerouac :  The Town And The City (1950 Harcourt Brace) I don’t really see this post as a book review as such – a lot has been written about Kerouac’s work by people who can do this much better than I ever could, so I just want to share a few thoughts about The … Continue reading

The West End (Bar)

2911 Broadway, Morningside Heights, New York A regular hangout for Kerouac and the other Beats in the mid- to end 1940’s, and quite a few stories to be told taking place in here. Kerouac getting into fights, being rolled down Broadway in a barrel by Lucien Carr (presumably after having one too many drinks in … Continue reading

… when I lay in the grass of Boston Common…

… thinking of death…’ (Visions Of Cody p.132 Flamingo Modern Classic edition)

Wazee and Wynkoop Streets

Kerouac wrote about the area in which these photos were taken  and its characters he saw there, such as the ‘the beggar without legs who clattered tragically on his rollerboard on Wazee Street…’. The Wazee Supper Club boasts in this first photos naturally boasts with Kerouac’s name on its website (www.wazeesupperclub.com) too. Wynkoop Street ‘… … Continue reading

Sometimes Way out of town, say miles out on East Colfax, Cody, waiting for a bus, or a ride …

The above quote is taken from page 109 of ‘Visions Of Cody’ (Flamingo Modern Classic Edition), but East Colfax Avenue is mentioned quite a few times throughout the book. I had a little walk on East Colfax Avenue and found it not especially nice, but I can see the appeal to Kerouac with its myriad … Continue reading

Pretty Mink Secretaries of 17th Street

‘… outside his windows, which are gleaming red in the mad Denver afternoon, young assistants of state senators and pretty mink secretaries of 17th Street are rushing by…’ (Visions Of Cody, p. 113 Flamingo Modern Classic edition). The area around Larimer Street probably looked much different in Kerouac’s days, I didn’t see any of the … Continue reading

Colorado State Capitol

Kerouac mentions the State Capitol in both ‘Windblown World’ (‘Last night I saw bats flapping about the Golden Dome of the State Capitol’) and ‘Visions Of Cody’, where he calls it ‘… the big dumb Capitol building’ (I suppose he doesn’t take that literally, as he calls the undoubtedly beloved downtown streets of Denver ‘dumb’ … Continue reading

Market Street, Denver

The following shots were all taken on Market Street in Denver, and to me, show traces of a past for that particular street that captured Kerouac’s imagination and fantasy, mainly with regards to his hero Neal Cassady and Cassady’s dad. I chose the building in the first photograph for its well-worn looks and crumbling walls. … Continue reading

Larimer St. Market, Denver

There is no direct reference to this building or a shop called Larimer St. Market I know of in any of Kerouac’s books, but knowing him and his writings it’s all too easy to picture him, Neal Cassady or ‘Old Dean Moriarty’ (aka Neal Cassady’s father) getting their cigarettes and other supplies in here…

J.J. Green Company

Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady are talking about the ‘J.J. Green Company’ at 1923 Market Street, Denver in one of the long conversations that Kerouac recorded on tape and that are featured in ‘Visions Of Cody’ (p.209 Flamingo  Modern Classic edition).  The building set back from the street on the left of the first photograph … Continue reading