Wazee and Wynkoop Streets

Kerouac wrote about the area in which these photos were taken  and its characters he saw there, such as the ‘the beggar without legs who clattered tragically on his rollerboard

on Wazee Street…’. The Wazee Supper Club boasts in this first photos naturally boasts with Kerouac’s name on its website (www.wazeesupperclub.com) too.

Wynkoop Street

‘… illuminates the reveries of an aged lady in a window above the windows of empty store rooms, she looks on Wynkoop, Wazee and the rails) …’ (Visions Of Cody, p.351, Flamingo Modern Classic edition)

The photo was taken from in front of Denver’s Union Station and the railway tracks are to the left of the Ice House.

Kerouac was dreaming of getting a ranch out somewhere in Colorado, or more generally ‘in the West’ so I chose to include the following photo.

The following is the last photo I will be posting from my trip from Denver (at least for the moment). The next posts to come will be photos from Boston and Kerouac’s hometown Lowell. This photo shows the changed nature of Denver’s Downtown area, but fortunately, as I have been trying to show with my recent posts, there are still a lot of traces from the area Kerouac wandered around here to be found.


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