Wazee and Wynkoop Streets

Kerouac wrote about the area in which these photos were takenĀ  and its characters he saw there, such as the ‘the beggar without legs who clattered tragically on his rollerboard on Wazee Street…’. The Wazee Supper Club boasts in this first photos naturally boasts with Kerouac’s name on its website (www.wazeesupperclub.com) too. Wynkoop Street ‘… … Continue reading


Larimer St. Market, Denver

There is no direct reference to this building or a shop called Larimer St. Market I know of in any of Kerouac’s books, but knowing him and his writings it’s all too easy to picture him, Neal Cassady or ‘Old Dean Moriarty’ (aka Neal Cassady’s father) getting their cigarettes and other supplies in here…