454 W 2oth Street

Chelsea, New York Joan Haverty and Jack Kerouac moved into this building in January of 1951, of course things between them couldn’t last so they split up in June when she became pregnant. Famously the scroll version of ‘On The Road’ was written in here during that time.

The Donac

402 W 20th Street, Chelsea, New York LeRoi and Hettie Jones lived in this building and ran Totem Press books while living in here from 1958 to 1960. According to Bill Morgan’s ‘The Beat Generation in New York’ they hosted one or two notable parties where Kerouac was present. Totem Press published Kerouac’s ‘The Scripture … Continue reading

National Maritime Union Building

None of the buildings in these photographs did yet exist when Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr (all members of the NMU) and various others of their NMU member friends were trying to get papers for ships in the then headquarters of the National Maritime Union that the occupied this block, but the hotel is called … Continue reading

Joyce Glassman’s apartment at 554 W 113th Street

Kerouac’s girlfriend Joyce Glassman lived on the first floor of  554 W 113th Street in early 1957. He stayed with her after his travels to Europe and Tangiers and before moving to Berkley with his mum.

The West End (Bar)

2911 Broadway, Morningside Heights, New York A regular hangout for Kerouac and the other Beats in the mid- to end 1940’s, and quite a few stories to be told taking place in here. Kerouac getting into fights, being rolled down Broadway in a barrel by Lucien Carr (presumably after having one too many drinks in … Continue reading

Riverside Park

These photos were taken in Riverside Park, Morningside Heights, New York. Kerouac often sat here and dreamed about his adventures at sea. Riverside Park was also the scene of the David Kammerer murder by Lucien Carr, which had some rather drastic effects on Kerouac’s life, although he didn’t play a part in the actual murder … Continue reading

Warren Hall

This used to be No. 404, 115th Street, Morningside Heights, New York. The building that once stood in the place that is now the parking lot you see in this photograph, was called Warren Hall Residence Club. Allen Ginsberg moved into Warren Hall in July 1944 and Lucien Carr lived there too. Kerouac moved in … Continue reading

Morningside Park Steps

The steps leading down to Morningside Park, Kerouac stood watch there while Lucien Carr went down to bury David Kammerer’s glasses, after he killed him on August 13,1944

Around Columbia University

Hamilton Hall. When Allen Ginsberg lived in Hamilton Halls, Kerouac visited him one night and stayed overnight. That fact and a ‘Fuck The Jews’ scribbled in dirt on Ginsberg’s window lead to his being suspended from Columbia. Kerouac’s professor Mark Van Doren also had an office in this building. John Jay Hall. Kerouac’s football coach … Continue reading

Hartley Hall at Columbia University

Kerouac moved into Hartley Hall in 1940 but didn’t like it and moved to another dorm hall next door (photos to come soon in my next post)