The Loop, Chicago

Kerouac describes wandering around the Loop and checking out Bop music which was played with a ‘tired air’ in On The Road (Original Scroll). Not much activity closely related to this was detectable to me on the few hours I spent there, but here are some impressions from The Loop:

Update 01.07.13: ‘Anywhere Road’ is finished.

Just a little update today to let you know that I (at long last!) finished my book ‘Anywhere Road – Retracing Jack Kerouac’ earlier today. Finally. I am currently in the process of uploading it to the Blurb website and will order a copy each of both the Soft- and Hardcover versions. Once I received … Continue reading

North Clark Street, Chicago

In a letter to Allen Ginsberg in August 1954 Kerouac writes about New World Writing buying his ‘Jazz Excerpts’ in which he describes his ‘digging of … Anita O’Days (sic) nightclub on North Clark St. in Chi’ with Neal Cassady. I tried to locate the exact address of that nightclub to no avail, and as … Continue reading

Update 10.31.12

Just a quick little update to let those of you interested in my book ‘Anywhere Road’ know that, contrary to what I wrote 4 weeks ago, haven’t been able to finish the book yet. Just too much work in my day job. And with my next trip fast approaching I won’t be able to have … Continue reading

Jack Kerouac’s On The Road Scroll Rolls Into London

In a bit of a departure from the actual theme of this blog (I haven’t got any new photos at the moment and am still working on ‘Anywhere Road’) I decided to share this video today. I’m going to see it in December. Also, I am very proud and happy to have seen the original … Continue reading

Update 9/22/12

Thanks for checking out my blog. This is just a little update to inform you that work on my photography book ‘Anywhere Road’ is making good progress and I hope to have it finished and available for ordering within the next 4 weeks. More info to follow soon. J Haeske

7 Judy Ann Court, Northport, NY

In late 1962 Kerouac decided to move to Northport once again as he felt ‘silly’ when he lived too far from New York. He and his mum moved into this house on Christmas Eve of 1962. They stayed here until early summer of 1964, when, mainly due to his mum’s wish to be closer to … Continue reading

49 Earl Avenue, Northport, NY

Jack lived in this house with his mum from August 1959 to April 1961 when they moved to Florida.

34 Gilbert Street, Northport

The first 3 photos show the house Jack and his mum lived in from April 1958. Typical of him, the enthusiasm he felt after moving to Northport didn’t last very long and he thought about selling the house and moving to Florida as early as October of that year. As these plans didn’t materialise they … Continue reading

94-21 134th Street, Queens

The first photo shows the home of Jack Kerouac and his mother Gabrielle in Richmond Hill. They, or rather she, with him staying with her whenever he was in New York and needed some time to relax and write,  lived in this house from August 1949 to sometime in 1955 (with a short time she … Continue reading